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Having trouble passing emission inspections… or maybe noticed your vehicle is excessively noisy? Or do you want to upgrade your muffler and exhaust systems for increased efficiency? Bucky’s takes pride in providing high-quality mufflers, pipes and other exhaust components. We also offer catalytic converters that meet stringent EPA and CARB requirements for pollution reduction.

Your car not only has to help keep your family safe, it has to do its part to keep the environment safe, too. Many people think their car’s exhaust system is designed only to reduce noise; however, it’s also responsible for reducing harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere. A properly functioning muffler and exhaust system not only sounds better, it is better — for you, your car, and the environment.

Muffler and Exhaust Options

Bucky’s offers a full range of exhaust service options from high-performance mufflers and exhaust systems, lifetime-guaranteed mufflers, plus value-oriented replacement mufflers and systems. We carry and install major brands like Flowmaster, Full Boar, Magnaflow, and Flo-Pro.

Stop at the neighborhood Bucky’s near you for your free exhaust inspection. There are 16 convenient locations in the Puget Sound including, Tacoma, Federal Way, Bremerton, Everett, Auburn, Kent, Puyallup and more.


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